Why College Can’t Be Free – but You Can Earn It

Why College Can't Be Free but You Can Earn It | Student FinTech

No matter what you hear from socialist Presidential candidate hopefuls, nothing in life is free. There is even a price for freedom. It’s called “responsibility.” Anyone who tells you everything can be free is not being truthful. What they mean is that you may not have to pay for something, but the bill goes to someone else. That’s not a fair way to operate, and no university or college in the country has professors who are willing to work for free.

However, rather than demanding that college (and other services) should be free, think about how you can earn the right to have some (or all) of your college paid for. You can do it by working hard to receive a scholarship in your chosen area of study.

If you do your research, you will discover that there are a number of fields that are in high demand in the coming years. If you choose one of these areas, you are more likely to be awarded a scholarship.

This is especially true if you choose a field that is both in high demand but is a bit less popular.

For example, going into nuclear physics is a “high-demand” profession because few people can (or want) to go into it. Let’s face it, there are very few modern Albert Einsteins. But for those few that have that advanced ability or brainy left-brain talent, why not? You’ll be getting calls from NASA or being the first pilot to Neptune.

Careers in High Demand

But, coming back to Earth (no pun intended), let’s look at some of the fields that are in high demand that are more interesting to most young people today. Some of them are a lot of fun, too. Here’s the short list:

  1. Personal care aids
  2. Fast food workers
  3. Applications software developer
  4. Healthcare administration expert
  5. Computer technicians and support specialists
  6. IT security experts
  7. Programmers
  8. Market research analysts
  9. Hospitality experts
  10. IT banking expert

This is a wide variety of industries and career paths. Choose one or two that you have an interest in and research the salaries, working environments, and current demand as well as the prognosticated need in the future. This will help you decide which field you want to spend your time on, and what your chances are of getting financial aid to reduce college costs are.

Remember that education expensive for a reason. It’s are supposed to prepare you for a lucrative career after graduation. That’s why college isn’t free.

Start now to earn a scholarship, though, and it can save you lots of money later.

It pays to do your research as you are making this decision whether you are a parent or a student. It’s your life. Plan well.