Why Tech Jobs Will Skyrocket in the Next Five Years

Why Technology Jobs Will Skyrocket in Five Years | Student FinTech

Everyone knows technology is a hot topic. If people are not using their cell phones, checking email, or chatting on social media, they are figuring out how to get a better one. Online banking has become more important than walking into an actual bank. People get many of their jobs online, work at home in their home offices with their personal computers, and do about 85% of their daily business online. There’s no doubt one of the best fields to get into is technology.

But what factors are moving this trend forward?

Factors That are Most Influencing the Trend for High Tech Jobs

Many factors are influencing this trend. It is expected that there will be a skyrocketing effect for technology jobs over the next five years due to these factors.

1. The Rise of AI Bots

AI (artificial intelligence) will continue to grow soon, creating a whole host of new jobs in the IT world. As businesses start to rely more on automated systems and advanced machine learning, there will be an increased need for more fresh talent in this field.

2. Increased Demand for Tech in all Industries

Industries such as the healthcare industry and others that have not traditionally been in the tech industry start to embrace more intricate technologies for their primary operations, the need for experts in this field will increase. The graduate may also want to combine their knowledge of technology with the medical field if they have a background in this area.

3. Designers Needed for Technologies not Invented Yet

It’s hard to know what the future holds. Technology is the least predictable of all. There will be more dependence on technology in the near future and new innovative machines and inventions will require continued maintenance and development for tech jobs.

4. The Need for “Outside the Box Thinkers”

One of the most important skills that will be needed in the next few years is the ability to “think outside of the box.” As mentioned before, there’s no way to know what innovations will appear on the horizon as well as events in the financial or tech world that will require independent thinking and development skills.

5. Political Pressure to Compete With China and Japan in IT

The political pressure to “be the best” to compete with our world partners, especially China and Japan, will cause the tech industry to feel the need to push the envelope to the top here in the United States.

Young people who major in FinTech will find the opportunities open up greatly over the next few years if they have the right skills and they are willing to remain open-minded about how to approach a problem.