Will Robots Take My Job?

Will Robots Take My Job? | Student FinTech

AI is coming. There’s no doubt about that. Entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and others have foretold the invasion for a while now. Some people don’t believe it, while others shudder to think whether we will have a world that is solely run by robots like in the movie, “iRobot.”

Chances are, though some may want more, the reality will be somewhere in between these ideas. Artificial intelligence has allowed us to create digital processes that are “superhuman” as Musk often says. He is amazed at the potential, but he worries about the future effects if we go too far with this invention.

One of the biggest concerns among Millenials and young people who are graduating from high school or college soon is whether or not robots will take their jobs. Here’s a video by David Autor on YouTube that explores the role robots and automation will take over the next few years.

He talks about the type of work that we do, as humans and discusses the number of jobs there are that can be automated, versus the ones that robots will never be able to replace.

For now, the worry about not being able to find a job due to automation is probably premature, at worst. Robots will be put with manual labor jobs more often than those that require upper-level decision-making tasks.

However, in the future, the role of robots and automation is likely to increase. So it will become more important for us to prepare for this.

One of the best ways to job-proof yourself from a robot takeover is to become more and more creative. Creativity can be “taught” in principle to robots and AI machines, but it can never truly be carried out in the way that humans do. The reason is that robots, while logical and human-like, are not human. They do not have emotions or a moral compass. They do not understand or appreciate the original strings of a musical selection or the strokes of a master artist on a canvas.

Think of AI for now as a great opportunity. Programmers, banking experts, math whizzes, and engineers will all be needed once the robots come!